Engine Company #2

John Curley, Jr.


Matt Lynch

Vice President

Steve Flanagan


Michael Miller


John P. Podolski

Financial Secretary

John J. Podolski


Est. 1925


John M. Curley

John Palmese

Jordon Leibner

Company History

It all started on April 4, 1925 when 38 men gathered at a meeting on the waterfront at Peter Jost’s Casino on Beach Avenue for the purpose of starting a new fire company in Bellmore Harbor. That evening, a charter was drafted forming Bellmore Harbor Engine Company No. 2. Later that month, they received the company’s first piece of equipment, a hand-pumper, from the Fire District of Bellmore.

In July of 1925, the property where the hall now stands was purchased and fund raising began. The first social function of Engine Company was a package party held in June of ‘25. This was a grand success, and at the time, just what the treasury needed. The members worked hard later that year on a big carnival, which they ran annually for quite some time, and became known as the Annual Clam Bake. The Ladies Auxiliary of Engine Company No.2 sold building blocks for a dollar each to help build the first truck room.

In August of 1928, the members decided to extend the building by adding another truck room with a hall and kitchen above. With a lot of social gatherings and painting, the building stood that way until 1964 when the hall was remodeled to the way it looks today.

When Bellmore Avenue was widened and raised, new truck rooms were built. In 1967, the members started to build the present truck rooms with some of the work done by outside contractors. The old truck rooms were converted into a recreation room on one side and storage on the other. Then, a few years ago, the walls were taken down, remodeling again took place, creating the present rooms that exist today.

One of the biggest changes came in 1978 when the Fire District changed to truck assignments, with each having a captain and lieutenant. Since the company would no longer have a captain, the Company Constitution & By-Laws was amended for a President and Vice President to run the business of Engine Company.

Unique to the Bellmore Fire Department and District, the members of Engine Company No. 2 solely own their building, and are responsible for its upkeep and maintenance.

History by Ex Captain Robert Carmagnola