Volunteers Needed

Right now, as this is being posted, Nassau County’s fire and EMS system is being tested time and time again. Uniondale FD was alerted for 3 different calls, 2 parkway accidents and a medical emergency, within minutes of eachother. Bellmore-Merrick EMS is responding to multiple emergency calls, as well. Merrick FD was just now, alerted for 2 medical emergencies at once. Massapequa FD is requesting mutual aide from neighboring departments as they battle a house fire where 3 victims have been grabbed. Bellmore FD is now sending Ladder 606 to Massapequa this moment.

All these situations require man-power. Man-power that is provided by your neighbors who step up to volunteer to help when their neighbor is in need. The volunteer system has worked for Nassau County for generations and for over a hundred years. It’s not a perfect system, but it works. Your fire taxes provide the equipment, and your neighbors provide the staffing.

This volunteer system is truly being tested these days. Our member numbers are going down. Even as the need for us has gone up. Our senior members continue to respond but we have few new members to eventually fill their boots.

If you are a resident of Bellmore — or any town, if you have time to give and want to help your neighbors, please think about joining YOUR volunteer fire department.

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